Cannot connect to N2

As of 9.2.3 I cannot see my N2 on the network. Before it (most of the time, not always) registered itself as coreelec, now I can’t see anything (once I saw something like android-string-of-hexadec-digits, but don’t know whether it was N2).

I allocated IP address to the machine forcibly, and I can’t even connect to it via the IP address allocated - the connection times out (both trying to connect via SSH and via tvheadend port, and yes, I have ssh enabled).

Edit: The N2 box is on the network as it connects to my nas. it’s just I can’t connect to it/see it.

My TV headend is playing up, with Kodi refusing to delete (or even change) timer rules, and I can’t connect to it, which is causing havoc. So getting to the box is sort of quite important for me.

Any ideas?


(As a side note, I have to say after almost a year, I’m pretty disappointed with N2. Out of three USB tuners I have, it sort of works with one. Kodi and TVH keep playing up in unpredictable ways, which often means lost recordings, although admittedly this could be Kodi/TVH but I never had these issue on Pi2).

USB Tuners and N2 do not play well together as I have found out. The strange thing is they often work fine via the micro USB but not the rear ports. The other strange thing is some users never have any issues and some nothing but problems. I solved my issues by going down the HDHomeRun road.

Yes, for some reason there seem to be quite a few usb2 devices that don’t play well with usb3.

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