Cannot connect to server when scraping

I’m still running Leia 9.2.8 on a Ugoos AM6 Plus. I stuck with it because it has never caused me any troubles. That said, since roughly the last week of June it can no longer scrape from any movie or TV service, always giving an error of failed to connect to server. And, as of 2 days ago, I keep getting connection errors for Gismeteo and RedBull TV.

Checking my internet connection in both CoreElec and Kodi shows I am connected and there is no problem so I’m wondering if Leia 9.2.8 is simply too old now?

If I bite the bullet and upgrade to Nexus 20.2, would that fix the issue, please?

This issue seems to have resolved itself because it connected to all servers yesterday with no intervention on my part.

I would still like to know if it is worth the hassle to change to Nexus 20.2 or whether there would be no significant changes? Although my AM6+ is now 3 years old, it still runs well but perhaps it is time to change to a newer model?

I would keep the device because it’s a nice one and atm you can’t go much better. If it’s the plus you can have DV with the build we have for ng.
For upgrading, if you’re running from a card I would put another one and try the newer build. This way you wouldn’t lose anything and you could play a bit with it.

Excellent idea, Vasco. Thanks.
Nonetheless, as I’m running from a card, will all my addons and configuration be on that same card or are they more likely to have been stored on the AM6? I ask because if they are on the AM6 then they probably will not work with the Nexus build as they are rather old now.

If you’re running from a card and didn’t do any changes to put storage in emmc, all your changes will be on the card. You can make a backup and place it somewhere in your network. After upgrading and checking that everything is working you can try and restore the backup. Lots of things will start badly but the addons will try to update and you can see if in the end you get a fully working setup. If not you just burn the Nexus card again and reconfigure your configs and addons one by one.

Wow, that’s a nightmare for an old fella like me!
I think, in this case, the old saying “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” would seem to win the day.

It’s easier than it seems. As everything is in the card you just need another card and try the newer build.

I do have a second card so, as soon as I have some free time, I will try it.