Cannot fast forward video from USB when shared via SMB


It is my first post, sorry if it is in a wrong place.

I have a Minix U9H, and I installed CoreELEC 9.2.8.

There is a USB HDD attached and shared with SMB (all versions).

When I connect to the share via phone I cannot fast forward, VLC just hangs there, the video starts though from the beginning.

The funny part is that an RPi2 with LibreELEC has no issues with the same setup.

Do you have any hints?

Check the log for VLC (tools/messages)?

[DBG] | - cues at 16756742740
[DBG] seeking to 16756742740
[ERR] read failed
[DBG] end of stream
[ERR] cannot load some cues/chapters/tags etc. (broken seekhead or file)

The file is the same, and I can play it / fast forward it when the HDD is mounted to RPi2 :frowning:

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