Cannot get script to run from favourites.xml

I am trying to run a shell script via the favourites menu in kodi.

I have done it before, I have a shell script that I want to run to do some command. I am trying to put this into the favourites.xml as:

    <favourite name="Toggle VPN">RunScript(/storage/.kodi/scripts/</favourite>	

I have even tried System.Exec. In both instances in debug log i see something completely unrelated with aml8 audio etc, but it never runs the script.

Don’t run shell scripts: use python. Then it will be executed.

alright, shell scripts are problematic i see

You can run a python script from favourites that starts a shell script.

Why is it necessary to run Python? Is it a limitation of CoreELEC? Kodi’s documentation describes System.Exec() like this:

Execute shell commands. The full path to the script has to be placed inside the parentheses.

This implies that any shell script should work.

Yes, System.Exec also works.