Cannot play HD/FHD media but 4K is OK

HK1 Box, latest nightly build 20.3-Nexus_nightly_20230816 (Amlogic-ng.arm), TLC Roku TV 4K
If I set Display to 3840x2160p/60 going via either Yamaha RX-A860 OR direct to TV’s second input HDMI1, the GUI displays fine, 4K media plays fine, SD media plays fine, but I only get No Signal if trying to play 720 or 1080 media
If I drop the Display to 1920x1080p, all HD/FHD same media plays perfectly fine

Display resolution = 3840x2160p
1080p H265 AAC 5.1 = No Signal

Display resolution = 1920x1080p
1080p H265 AAC 5.1 = plays fine

I am losing my will here
Any help appreciated


Is it normal/expected that UI should be set to 1080p?

First of all, you should let your TV do the upscale so you have two choices. Set the Gui to 1080p or whitelist in video settings the resolutions you use. This way, 1080p will be passed as 1080p despite if the Gui resolution.
But no, that’s not normal behavior and you should provide logs when playing those videos that give you a blackscreen.
Follow this link:

I will stick with 1080p GUI, as this seems to play almost anything (apart from media mentioned in this thread: Cannot play 4K with HD audio to 4K TV via Yamaha RX-A860 - #5 by sebus05 )

This explains whitelist nicely - Whitelist Yes or No? - #6 by Jaaxx


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