Cannot play media randomly

After a while of running Coreelec, I cant play my media. It just hang.

This is the error in the logs
22:10:42.638 T:3473052528 ERROR: CAMLCodec::OpenAmlVideo - cannot open V4L amlvideo device /dev/video10: Device or resource busy
22:10:42.638 T:3473052528 ERROR: CAMLCodec::OpenDecoder - cannot open amlvideo device
22:10:42.649 T:3473052528 ERROR: DVDVideoCodecAmlogic: Failed to open Amlogic Codec

Any advice?

Do you have LibreSpot or the Spotify add-on installed?
Both add-ons are known to cause problems with video playback.

I have. Removing and will report back.

same issue here. will disable the Spotify addon for now and hoping for a solution soon.

Any update regarding this issue?

Is there any other music service with addon that do not have this problem? Deezer, Tidal?

The LibreSpot addon tends to be more stable and I use it for myself.
But it can’t be used to browse your Spotify library directly, and is only being used as a Spotify player. So you start the playback on e.g. your smartphone and choose Kodi as your playback device.

I don’t know about other streaming services, as I only use Spotify.
For problems with the other addon, you should ask the author, of course (Marcel Veldt).

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