Cannot put remote code in coreelec

he hello
again the same problem i had to reset coreelec but now my remote codes are not working.
i have a working map but i cannot put it in coreelec, i can connect with putty but wen i try to connect the box by my pc and put the ip adress from the box with :8080 behind i always see the chorus web interface
so it is impossible for me to put the remote codes in the box i using w10 pc trying for hours now but no succes please help

yes i know but the problem is a sold the box so the guy needs it now all shops are closed by corona and order one wil take to long
is it possible to put the files in the map by putty

You can use putty or You can use WinSCP
There are many options.

In my case I use ssh connect and VI editor, or/and WinSCP to copy some files

can you give me a little explane how i can put the files the easy way with vi editor thanks a lot

wel i installed winscp can you explane how to connect to coreelec

The same way like ssh connect
You need username/password and box IP adress
Maybe You read the documentation of WinSCP

wel i have found that and put the files in the wright folder but how to save the files in winscp

Two options:

  1. learning by doing
  2. buy a wireless remote control

well it worked with winscp great help thanks a lot have a nice day

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