Cannot restore from USB backup

my CoreELEC system has got seriously ill. I wanted to restore a recent USB backup but I go a “write error: No space left on device”

CoreELEC:/ # systemctl stop kodi
CoreELEC:/ # cd / ; tar xvf /var/media/32GB/backup/CoreElec/20220709205522.tar
tar: write error: No space left on device
CoreELEC:/ #

This is my memory usage:

CoreELEC:/ # df -h

> Filesystem                Size      Used Available Use% Mounted on
> devtmpfs                803.0M      4.0K    803.0M   0% /dev
> /dev/system             975.9M    158.6M    801.3M  17% /flash
> /dev/loop0              157.5M    157.5M         0 100% /
> /dev/data                 4.8G      4.8G      4.0K 100% /storage
> tmpfs                   906.1M         0    906.1M   0% /dev/shm
> tmpfs                   906.1M      8.2M    897.9M   1% /run
> tmpfs                   906.1M         0    906.1M   0% /sys/fs/cgroup
> tmpfs                   906.1M    944.0K    905.2M   0% /var
> tmpfs                   906.1M         0    906.1M   0% /tmp
> /dev/sda1                29.4G     28.0G      1.5G  95% /var/media/32GB

I need some free space to restore CoreElec from the tar backup. What should I delete?

Support for your type of internal install was dropped years ago.
Make a backup, restore Android and install again by the tool ceemmc.

I’m not sure I got Android, I’ve never seen Android like icons or logos during boot. How do I tell?

Any chance to revive the old system again? I love the Wetek 2 especially for its built-in DVB-T2 tuner. Otherwise I’d probably have to ditch it :frowning: