Cannot set Recording path

I have just migrated to 8.95.0 and everything is working fine apart from one thing.
I also migrated my media library to a bigger hard driver and in order to avoid issues where the HDD gets randomly assigned a disk name, which often causes the library paths to change on a fresh plugging in of the HDD, I gave my disk a fixed label of “KODI DATA”. Within this I have various folders such as “Movie”,“tvprgrams”,“Music” and “Recordings”. The recordings folder is for TVheadend to store liveTV recordings. So the path to my Recordings folder is:

/media/KODI DATA/Recordings/

However TVH ignores this path a places all recordings into


I have tried various permutations of the path name inclusing

/media/KODI\ DATA/Recordings
/media/KODI\ DATA/Recordings/

I suspect the issue is with the space within “KODI DATA”, but no other addon or aspect of Kodi seems to have an issue with “KODI DATA” so it seems the issue is specific to TVH.

Digging a little deeper I found that within the path:


There are two seperate configuration files, one has the path I assigned and one has the default path that TVH is using. I have altered the default path to my desired path to see if that changes the behaviour. Will see later.

Anyone got any useful ideas.


I think I know what I did wrong, I created a new profile in the TVH settings - rather than changing the default profile.
Deleted the new profile and altered the default one. Will test when I finish recording a program.

Yep that sorted it.