Cannot SSH in

Hello, as the title says, I cannot establish an SSH connection with putty as I keep getting “access denied” when inputting the password. I’ve tried changing the password to a simple 5 letter word to just try and connect and still no joy. I’m sure I am doing something dumb and obvious and for whatever reason I just cannot see it. Now frustration is starting to set in and I figured taking a breath and a step back is probably a good idea at this point along with seeing if someone can maybe point out my stupidity, haha.

I am on an Odroid N2 4GB CoreElec Edition running CoreElec 9.2.1 with Kodi 17.5. I am trying SSH in to attempt to modify my config.ini file so the power button on my new Minix Neo A2 Lite remote is functional. Not sure what other information amy be pertinent but the N2 is connected with ethernet and the only other peripherals connected are the Minix remote dongle and an external hard drive.

I’m sure I’m forgetting or leaving something out but I will happily provide any other necessary information I neglected to include and a very big thank you in advance for anyone that is able to offer any suggestions/help.

In CoreELEC settings there is an option to disable password is it possible that you have enabled this by accident? Also passwords are case sensitive. If you are trying to ssh from a phone, phones are terrible for always trying to capitalize the first letter on you.

Not that it helps the ssh problem, but if you update to the nightly build, I have added an option under Settings > CoreELEC > Hardware > Power to configure the IR remote power code in the config.ini for power on usage. This option will remain set in the config.ini if you update to nightly build then update back to the 9.2.1 stable build.

Thank you for such a quick reply. It certainly is possible that I have the “disable password” enabled by accident, I will double check it in a few minutes. I am attempting to SSH from my PC and purposely changed the password to an all lowercase, super unsecure password just to try and connect but still couldn’t get in.

I think I may try the nightly build update and see how that works for me as it’s honestly the only reason I’m trying to SSH in. Obviously I want to figure out my issue with it but it will probably be a bit more beneficial to me if I come back to it when I’m not pulling my hair out in frustration, haha.

Would I have to roll back to 9.2.1 from the nightly or could I leave it if I don’t seem to be having any issues with it? I’ve never tried any of the nightly builds as I tend to tinker and play with things out of my league in an attempt to learn but pretty much always end up screwing things up and having to reflash the whole image.

And one other quick question if you don’t mind as it’s been something I’ve been wondering, but do some of the themes for Kodi have missing menu options? It could just be a different layout thing but I swear that some of them are just missing. Are there any to avoid at all in your opinion?

Thank you again for all your help, I truly appreciate it along with all you and your team’s incredible work on this. It’s exactly what I had been searching for and has become the centerpiece of my media setup and just works so well.

One further thing I thought of is that when ssh’ing into CoreELEC the user needs to be root so if you are just doing ssh address on the command line to ssh into the device it will try to connect using the user name you are currently logged in as on your computer. so you needt to ssh root@address

If you don’t have any issues with the nightly builds then feel free to leave it on the nightly build. However keep in mind that the nightly build does update often and there is no option to not update to each new nightly release, outside of switching back to the stable build. Nightly builds are meant for the developers to get feedback on the current state of CoreELEC development, which is why the updates are done the way they are with the nightly builds.

Some themes don’t have all the same menu options. It’s just not a practical use of developers time to make sure everything is there and functional in every possible theme. This is up to either the theme developer or a third party if they want to modify a theme to more closely match the features available in the default theme.

As for opinions on different themes, I only use the default theme or a slightly modified version of it. (I don’t like the change team kodi made a few years back that hides the watched shows and movies from the recently added list on the home screen. So I modified it back to the original behavior)

Thank you, that just clarified quite a bit for me. I think I will try the nightly and then roll it back, just to be safe. I will also definitely check into connecting as root because I think that may be pretty close to my issue if its not that exactly. I didn’t even think of that which is why a step back is always beneficial for me.

I thought that there were missing options in some of the themes so thank you for clarifying. Now I don’t feel like I’m losing it when I can’t find a certain option that was just there under a different theme. I think I’ll probably do the same and go back to the default skin so I can simplify a little bit. I’m using Aeon MQ 8 and although I really like it, it’s definitely short some menu options so it’s probably a better option to go to default for now.

Thanks again for everything, you’ve really helped me quite a bit.