Can't access CE on Network

Hi. I have an Odroid N2+. Latest version of CoreELEC. On my home network I have it viewable as coreelec then have 2 SSDs attached which I use to drag video files to over my network.

All works fine…until today when the CoreELEC ‘network drive’ is no longer appearing. I have tried rebooting router, turning all devices off. And even tried turning on Wake on Lan.

The only thing that seems to work is if I go into the CoreELEC menu and turn SMB sharing off and back on again…the device is then seen on my network…but only for a few minutes. So I have to do that every time on my Windows 10 machine.

Any ideas why it would suddenly behave like this after 2 years of working well? Thanks

Start from here:

(enable SMBv1 in CE)

NFS servers are more reliable, you should try it.

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