Can't install Kodi add-on:l


Upgraded today my firmware on my tv media streamer to CoreELEC 19.5.0 (Kodi 19.4).

Edited due to piracy question

I edited your question, we don’t permit banned addons questions in the forum. Please don’t repeat the question.
Thank you

Sorry I didn’t know it is a banned add-on. Does this mean I can never use this add-on on coreELEC?

It’s about your common sense: your hardware your rules. No support for stuff which isn’t kosher from all of the sides. So, you can choose what OS to install on your box but for those add-ons you won’t get help here, from community or devs.

It means Team CoreELEC provides no support what so ever for any issues arising from, or related to, the offending addon.

This approach also serves as a clear statement that Team CoreELEC condemns the use of its software for illegal purposes.

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