Can't output 4k in 9.2.2, blackscreen

my s912 device worked fine in 9.2.1, and i can play all kinds of 4k files including remux Bluray.

Right after upgrading to 9.2.2 I can’t play 4k files or choose 4k GUI anymore, always black screen, and no signal no sound detected by AV amplifier or projector. If i hit stop button, it looks like CE played the file, and it can even resume from where i stopped, but just no output.

I changed nothing after upgrading. Playing 2k files are fine.

Should i just downgrade to 9.2.1 ?

You can try to connect your box directly to the tv. I guess it will work.
Also with the AVR connected, you can try to limit the signal to 8 bit and/or 4:2:2 in CE stiings

After whitelist all 4k related resolution, and a reboot. Now it’s working. Weird. Maybe because i didn’t reboot the system. Another problem come up, can’t display BDMV index files anymore, so can’t play bluray remux… previously on 9.2.1, CE can display BDMV and play simple menu.