Can't Run Any TVHeadend Add On

Sorry… It’s me again… After trying hard last night I succeeded creating my playlist and enjoyed watching TV. This morning I turned on TV as soo many people as I wake up and I clicked on Live TV… Everything was OK… The channels were there as I have ordered them and I clicked on a channel but I got this notification "TVHEADEND HTSP CLIENT - No Free Adapter Available"and the channels are all black although EPG information is correct and updated… What could be the problem this time?

either signal is not great, or it’s playing/recording another channel. I assume it’s a single tuner.

try a reboot

If not any of the above.
Unplug Tuner. Replug tuner.
See if that works.

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Finally it has disappeared… After my third reboot… lol Everything is fine right now but I’m curious what might have happened. Thanks for the answer. You guys are just great :slight_smile:

I have experienced similar behaviour with my tuners. Usually a power off of the box (not just a reboot) will bring the tuners back. Its a problem with the TVheadend’s tuner settings falling out of sync with the current state of the tuner and it needs to completely reinitialize the tuner to clear its corrupted settings.
Its sigtnificantly improved on my box because the driver was improved, but some of the drivers out there are marginally stable.


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Thanks all for your contributions. I couldn’t reply earlier…sorry for that but now my tuner works fine and has no problem.