Cause for high load average and sluggish respose?


I have been using the same device with CoreELEC for years and it ran fine. It’s a Miinix U9-H (I’m aware that there are no longer any updates, but while I’m deciding on which device to replace this with I’d like to continue using it).

Recently, I’m seeing very sluggish reactions to inputs. For example, when selecting “Favorites” in Yatse it sometimes takes 20 seconds for the favorites to show. Or when playing back a stream e.g. in ARDundZDF and the playback is stopped, it might take a minute for the device to become ready to accept the next input.

When running top: there is one kodi.bin process with around 1G and in the 18%-30% CPU load range, everything else is well below (most even are below 1% CPU load) and >800M memory remain free. CPU temperature has remained below 55C. However, top reports load averages in the range 5-6.5 which seems suspicious.

I’m puzzled and would very much appreciate some help in finding the cause for the sluggishness. Any ideas?


Have you tried to reproduce the issue with a clean installation from external media?

No, I have not.

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