CE 19.5 works on Mecool K7 but destroy SD filesystem at poweroff

I’ve installed CE 19.5 on SD to run on Mecool K7. g12a_s905x2_2g_1gbit works as dtb.img, at boot CE expand the Storage. Wifi Works, 1960x1080 60hz works. Music works, gba emulators works, game pads works. Unfortunately , when poweroff something goes wrong and FS on SD become corrupted, and CE do not boot anymore. I will try with an external USB key or HD

I did have the exact same issue when running from SD card on one C4. This happened everytime after a clean shutdown.
I was going to investigate when Nexus came along and the issue was gone after the upgrade.

You probably need to install to emmc before rebooting or try different size sdcard. I know the k5 will only accept 8Gb but will install from other sizes then I moved to emmc. Of course this could be risky so if you’ve got an 8gb sdcard handy try that first and then reboot.

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