CE 20.2 Cache Problems

Hi,guys,I have a decevice which runnning ce 20.2 system. I use the deceive to watch movie from google drive. Here is the problems, I can watch remux movie such as mkv version smoothly , but I watch blueray like ISO version not well, It always running the circles, so I watch the Kodi wiki which show how to set advancesettings, and follow the guide to set advancesettings, my point is even I set the settings, It didn’t work well for me.
My deceive: X96 Max+ 4g 1Gb
System: CE20.2
Problems: can’t smoothly watch Movie like ISO verison from google Drive
Methods I tried: follow the Kodi wiki set the advancesettings didin’t work well
Internet is well, because I can watch the same movie through the infsue pro from my apple tv.
Sorry for my poor English,and I hope you guys can understand what I mean.

If I am right, those fiddlings with the settings work only for local network - high rate ISO files through Internet and hosted on G-Drive wont be affected from those optimising stuff. The movies from streaming services play well because they are using special codecs (lossy or lossless?).
My advice is to use optimise versions (convert your isos through handbrake) or use Plex / Jellyfin for web playing.

thanks a lot, I will try it again

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