CE 8.95.0 now 4K are async

1st WLAN works fine now, the option XX secs start delay is porn! :slight_smile:

But i have found new a bug/problem at the new CoreElec/Kodi Version, all my 4K Movies (x265~mkv) are now async, Dubbed 1080p (x264~mkv) suddenly are async too. This problem was not at the older versions!
Only Retailversions still sync. Start of the movie is ok, some minutes the asynceffect starts and get later massiv. Think its a problem of FPS, or +/- ms markers in the streams?

CoreElec Rockz! <3


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Sorry but how do you expect us to be able to help if you donโ€™t provide any logs?

Everyone should know the score by now, weโ€™re not like Houdini.