CE boot logo distorted


since a few weeks my N2 boots up with a distorted / misplaced CE boot logo. I ignored it and hoped for automagically fixing itself by updating from 19.3 to 19.4. Now that I have updated to 19.4 the issue persists.

The initial Hardkernel logo displays correctly, so does Kodi, it‘s just the CE logo.

Any clues? Any boot config file I need to modify, because of some borked boot resolution setting maybe?

My setup:
Odroid N2 booting from emmc, latest petitboot installed (20220221), boot switch set to mmc.
HDMI connected directly to LG OLED C9.

Here‘ a picture:

You have 4k GUI set? Try with 1080p and it will work. It’s a known issue of the splashimage tool what do a resize of the logo on boot. The source PNG is for 1080p and need to be scaled for 4k.

Please try tomorrow again with new 20220308 nightly. It should now be scaled correctly.

Yes, indeed, I have 4k GUI set.

Thank you, I will update to said nightly once it’s available and report back here.

Thank you, logo displays correctly now.

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