CE build errors with Debian 12


Just to mention that i am having two CE build errors with LMDE 6 (Bookworm based). I fixed both BUT suddenly one showed up again.

→ nfs-utils is not compiling if you do not --enable-tirpc instead of --disable-tirpc in package.mk because /usr/include/rpc/ is almost empty on Debian 12 and rpc-dev package does not exist in the repositories.

You must also add this to package.mk for the host …

if [ -d /usr/include/tirpc ]; then
CFLAGS+=" -I/usr/include/tirpc"

→ kmsxx is ramdomly broken even with a fix applied and it complains about dma-buf.h missing

Any ideas why for kmsxx ?

PS : i am running an AMD platform … and libntirpc-dev must be installed for nfs-utils


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Hi, i managed to get MT76 drivers compiled with CE build BUT i do have an issue because the build freezes without error message or log :confused: AND always after step 354 → mediacenter target.

If i do not kill the process or close the terminal window, the size of CE folder grows indefinitely until disk is full (350GB) ! I never encountered such error before …

NB : i have docker installed but i am not using it with CE

Thanks for your help,


PS : i am now building on ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

EDIT : something was wrong in my driver package.mk and the task was running indefinitely :sob:, now it’s working :+1:

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