CE/Kodi Crashing

Hi all,

Odroid N2, CE 20.0.


I’m getting various crashes, but one that’s consistent is if I go into the Add-on Kayo, watch something, Quit Kayo and go back to the Kodi main menu. In a few seconds, Kodi will crash and restart.

Various logs attached.


I’m seeing a username mismatch in the log, maybe a problem with your subscription?

Unfortunately that mismatch is OK, nothing to worry about.

Maybe others can tell me what is causing CE to crash.


What are you telling @Portisch . I have provided the required logs and a description of the issue, what else do you want? Please tell me and I will provide it.

No you did not, read more careful the wiki and provide all need debug data.

Just so I get this right, you are missing the dmeg log. Correct?

Have just generated the crash and here are two of the ix.io logs:



When trying to paste the crash log I kept getting the error “Failed to Paste Crash Logfile”. So I pasted it to Google, here

If you require anything else please ask…

Did you try with another skin?

No I’m using Estuary.

Maybe you can remove these then

2023-03-16 07:52:12.711 T:15336   debug <general>: CServiceAddonManager: starting script.embuary.helper
2023-03-16 07:52:12.711 T:15336   debug <general>: CServiceAddonManager: starting script.embuary.info

That is very strange as I installed CE 20.0, just recently, from scratch and I have never installed the Embuary Skin.

@Portisch - Do you now have all the required information?

I see nothing, no. So it must be one of your add-ons causing your issues.

Start with clean install and test after every addon when it stop working.

If you are running CE on the SD card, some SD cards cause locks
I experienced this with the new SD card.

Thanks for your reply, but I’m running on eMMC not SD.

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Reads like issues are related to Kayo addon…
Missing Dependencies…?

Or maybe slyguy uk needs update…?

You have Plex and Emby …Server
That id issue conflict with Plex…

Test now…

Slyguy updates today March 17

Happy St.Pats Day

No, only PlexKodiConnect and hosted Plex Server. No Emby.

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