CE S905X ARM X64 Edition?

Its possible in the future to offer a true 64bit Version? The AMLogic SOC is X64.
Its right, so all the image´s here are all in X86/32bit?

thanks for your hot job here <3

The images here are a hybrid 64bit kernel / 32 bit userland(programs,kodi,addons, etc,) (android takes the same approach on a lot of devices)

This is done to provide the best user experience possible to users since there are problems with doing a fully 64bit image, that will take a lot to fix.

Since there would not be any real benefit to the users to make CoreELEC fully 64bit, the developers instead feel that our limited time and effort is better spent on fixing bugs, and adding features that provide a noticeable improvement to the user.


The AMLogic S905x and S912 are ARM64 not X64.

X86 and X64 refer to Intel and AMD 32bit/64bit CPU’s not 32bit and 64 bit CPU’s in general.
Each different CPU architecture has a different way of naming their 32bit/64bit CPU’s.
Different CPU architectures are generally not compatible with each other.
ARM CPU’s commonly use the names arm32 and arm64 to refer to 32bit and 64 bit ARM CPU’s

Only as a matter of general interest, can you outline the type of problems encountered with creating a 64bit image?

Curious minds … :wink:

I’ve no doubt there’s more technical reasons for adopting this approach but I recall it being explained (many moons ago) that this set-up results in increased addon compatibility. :wink:

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