CE stable updates post 9.2.5

Now that Kodi 18.9 is probably the last Kodi Leia version, will there still be stable updates post CE 9.2.5 (not referring to the new CE for Matrix)?

I do see new nightly updates so it does seem development is still continuing.

The 9.2 branch will be still maintained in future. For both, Amlogic and Amlogic-ng. But the active development will be swapped over to CE-19 in some day when Kodi 19 get stable.

There is a plan to have a 9.2.6 release soon. I originally was targeting end of December, but little delays tend to add up. :grinning:

For future releases after the 9.2.6 stable build, there will be maintenance releases as needed. However there is no schedule for these releases and new feature development will be focused on the new CE builds based on the newer kodi.


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