CEC: active source switching not working in Kodi

I thought I was try the bl301 blob to see if it would work with my remotes power button, I didn’t work and now CEC stops working when I change source and then go back to coreelec. CEC works when I initially turn on my vim3.
How can I remove the bl301 blob?

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I tried to run
dd if=/flash/<CPU_SERIAL>_bl301.bin of=/dev/bootloader conv=fsync bs=512
sync && reboot

But I get reply: can’t open CPU_SERIAL: no such file

Type command

cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep Serial

and then use this value instead of <CPU_SERIAL>. Like

dd if=/flash/60b725f10c9c85c70d97880dfe8191b3_bl301.bin of=/dev/bootloader conv=fsync bs=512

You probably have only such file there.

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thankyou… this was reply, is this correct has BL301 been removed now?

CoreELEC:~ # dd if=/flash/290b100001021200000137304e424e50_bl301.bin of=/dev/bootloader conv=fsync bs=512
8192+0 records in
8192+0 records out
4194304 bytes (4.0MB) copied, 4.745119 seconds, 863.2KB/s

CEC still stops after changing tv source then changing back to CE… strange thing is if i use kodi mobile remote controll app on iphone and press any button then CEC starts to work again… has anything changed in recently nightlys? it was working perfect a few days ago. i assumed it stopped working because of BL301 injection but with it removed its still not working correctly

Yes, everything was restore as was before. So bl301 is not to blame anymore.

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maybe something caused this in recent nightly changes?. i havnt changed anything else and it was working great a few days ago

Not really, best get a cheap UART TTL/USB adapter from eBay and make a log.

Ok for now I will downgrade to a older nightly when it was working… is there a problem with coreelec.pokey.de? Downloads are all corrupted using chrome browser and using edge browser opens a long page of random text instead of downloading builds

I couldn’t get any of the archive builds from coreelec.pokey to install, they all seem to be corrupted so I downloaded stable 9.2.1 and CEC is back to working normally again

You have to give more detail, what is normal? What is with nightly? Wake up? CEC in Kodi?

Normal = CEC works all the time, after switching source on tv and then switching back to CE CEC still works,

Latest nightly= CEC works on first boot, after changing source on tv and then switching back to CE CEC stops working

On latest nightly when CEC stops working if I use kodi mobile remote app on iPhone and go to SYSTEM>INPUT>PERIPHERALS and disable then enable CEC it starts working again until next source switch

Ahh, ok. Then it was never a bl301 issue, it’s a CEC driver and/or libCEC issue.
You can enable debug logging in Kodi settings and enable the debug module libCEC.
Then restart your vim3 and try again with stable.
Then update the system with the nightly tar and try one more time.
After each try you can use this option to upload your debug files (before rebooting):

When finished you can downgrade to stable again and disable debug logging in Kodi.

Yes bl301 is not to blame sorry, I assumed it was since it was the only Other thing I changed and I didn’t suspect the nightly update at the time.

I am away from home now but when i am back I will gather logs and upload them

Thanks for your time and help with this issue I appreciate it!

i have created some debug logs, i used 04/02 nightly and 9.2.1 stable.

first i install 9.2.1 stable, navigate to dubug logging and enable CEClibary i then switch tv source and then switch back to CE, CEC is still working. i navigate to settings/coreelec and upload logs.

i then install 04/02 nightly. i check CEClibary debug logging already activated. i switch tv source and then switch back to CE, CEC is STOPPED working. i use iphone kodi mobile remote app to navigate to settings/coreelec and upload logs

logs for stable 9.2.1 (CEC WORKING) : http://ix.io/2aP3
logs for nightly 04/02 (CEC BROKEN) : http://ix.io/2aP5

hopefully ive done it correctly, if you need any more information or logs just let me know.


Can u please make again a log with 9.2.1, enable debug and libCEC, reboot and then do the test again.
I am missing some information on first log with 9.2.1 as u didn’t reboot before after switching on debug logging.

Please remove your cec config also to get default settings by a ssh connection:

rm /storage/.kodi/userdata/peripheral_data/cec_CEC_Adapter.xml

Or remove the cec_CEC_Adapter.xml in /userdata/peripheral_data.

i have made a new log, first i ran ssh command to remove CEC config and it rebooted, i then enabled debugging and rebooted again, CEC working, switched source on TV and then switched back to CE, CEC still working, uploaded logs.

here is the new 9.2.1 log link where CEC works http://ix.io/2aPN

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And when you update to the nightly, remove the XML and do the test again? Still not working?

updated to nightly, SSH to remove CEC config and reboot, enabled debug logging and CEClibary logging and rebooted, CEC working, switch tv source then switch back to CE, CEC Stopped working.

LOG: http://ix.io/2aQo