CEC control - TV audio disabled when media player is switched off

Hi. I’m using CoreELEC 9.0.3 with a H96 Pro+. The player is connected to a Denon amp, and the amp connected to a TV on the ARC HDMI. CEC is setup on all devices and CEC seems to be working fine. The problem that I’m getting is that when the media player is switched off, the audio from the TV is also switched off. There is no way to enable the audio from the TV again without switching on the media player. I’ve experienced this on Samsung and LG TVs. I suspect that there is some command from the player that disables the audio. I’ve tried unplugging the power from the player (ie not clicking on shutdown in CoreELEC) to switch it off, and that seems to work. Audio still coming from TV over HDMI ARC.

Is there anybody that can assist with setting up a settings file in CoreELEC that can prevent the player from turning off the TV audio when shutting down? Any help would be appreciated.


Bumping this thread as I have a similar issue.

I have an S905X box running CE 9.0.3 and an Amazon firetv stick and my TV’s remote control won’t work on the firetv via CEC as long as the CE box is in standby. Turning the box on or pulling its power plug makes CEC work on the stick.

I’ve tried various settings on System>Input>Peripherals>CEC Adapter but no change. It’s like if CEC becomes unavailable for other devices when the box is in standby.

Any suggestions?

That’s a known bug in uboot of the amlogic android boxes.

@Kola19781 I have H96 Pro with 9.0.3 + Denon X2600 + LG tv and cannot experience that issue.

Thanks for your reply, I wasn’t aware of that.

I have the same problem… TV audio works only if the box is unplugged from power… Is there any workaround for this?

@eltiodex I haven’t played with the settings for some time now, so I can’t remember the exact wording. There is a setting under System>Input>Peripherals>CEC Adapter that I configured to “don’t switch of any devices when powering down the player”. This seems to work now and again, the audio sometimes works when the player is off and plugged in. Don’t know why it isn’t working every time. Another thing, when the TV switches off the player over CEC the audio is always off when the TV is switched on again. LG has a setting where the power sync could be switched off, this could be a workaround. Otherwise just unplugging the power like you said, that always works. Hope you come right, let me know if you ever get this thing to work properly.