CEC Not fully disabled

Im having issues with my Onkyo amp and my S905x3 Droix box. If I swicth off the TV/Amp then next time it on I get no sound. The fix, is to power the TV & Amp off at the plug and also disconnect the HDMI from the Coreelec box before turning it back on, once its all up and running I can plug in the HDMI again. I went into Settings, Interface and disabled CEC but it looks like it must still be running somewhere in the background

I found another page that gave me a line for config.ini that disabled cec, so it’s disabled in config and also in peripherals but… cec is working and working well! The volume on my kodi remote urns the volume up and down on the amp and the play/pause button on my tv remote works Kodi, strange considering it’s all disabled!

There are two places, on in settings, input, peripheral and in settings, ce settings, hardware section, CEC

Ah! Thanks for that, to be honest, I don’t want to touch it now, its working exactly how I want it to! Strange how disabling one if them makes it work properly!

I cant find the 2nd section - I have it turned off in Input Peripheral but cant find any CEC settings anywhere else

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