CEC On/Off with LG TV on Coreelec

I’m setting up my new Odroid N2 with Coreelec and I’ve got one issue that I’m scratching my head over. There are many threads on CEC setup, but I’ve yet to solve my issue and hoping to find a quick answer. My N2 shuts down in sync with my TV remote, but fails to start up.

My N2 is wired directly to my LG tv which is wired into my Onkyo receiver. I want my TV/receiver to play nicely with CEC, which they do. Turning on/off and volume controls work between those - no issues.

I’ve tried disabling CEC entirely in the config.ini using cec_func_config=‘7E’, and I’ve disabled all CEC related settings in Kodi - but it’s still a problem.

I’m on 9.2.2 official release, by the way. My LG is a 55LM8600-TA and my Onkyo is a TX-NR535.

After a few reboots, this actually seems to be working now. config.ini change + Settings/System/Input/Peripherals/CEC Adapter/When the TV is switched off = ignore.

If I can get the power-up thru CEC working, I may someday have it power down/up with the TV. For the moment, though, always “on” suits.

My LG does only power on my devices by CEC if I select them in the TV input list.

I hit the NETFLIX button on my LG Magic Remote which boots the TV then triggers my N2 to wake up. Once the N2 does wake up the input switches over to it…

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Exactly the same over here. The Odroid just doesn‘t power on when the TV is switched on.

I have an LG OLED C9.

The Odroid-N2 arrived just today and is a blast, but this CEC nuisances are driving me crazy.

USB-UART Module Kit for Odroid arrives tomorrow.

Why are guys struggling to turn N2 on by CEC from, as I understand, power off mode?
Do you know what is the N2’s power consumption in Suspend mode?
1.8 W.
Yearly it is 15.768 kWh. This is around 1,4 € in my country.
Is it really worth to fight for 1,4 € being driven to crazy not able to achieve that goal?
Put the N2 in suspend mode when it is inactive, for example after 15 minutes, and the CEC from TV will wake it up again.
At least it works just perfect with my setup: N2 -> (HDMI) -> Amplifier -> (HDMI) -> TV.

sorry guys have to say some here… mostly the consumption is not really the issue here… but when i look at my setup, tv(lgc8),avr(x3500h), cd player,dvd player, media player(n2) 5 hard drives (all with own power), rgb light behind cabinet, pickup… on a couple of power plugs, fire hazard IS an issue, i dont wanna burn down my house.
So always on is not an option for me at least…
And cec works mostley, but there are times when it doesnt…
I wished, all manufacturers of tech would keep one universal standard…

This is where the LG TVs fail - the N2 is never woken up through CEC, regardless of the mode it‘s in.

I‘m not after the money, it just bugs me that my costly devices from big brands (Pioneer, LG) using a long established tech (CEC) are unable to implement and make proper use of the tech (CEC).

Knowing that and seeing what the great Coreelec guys get done I am hoping that this problem can be solved on the N2. This would definitely be quicker, if solvable at all, than taking it to either Pio or LG.

In my case it’s totally the Pioneer AVR’s fault. When connecting the Odroid N2 directly to the TV everything works.

I have found a personal solution for a.m. issue.

When I switch on the LG TV my Pioneer AVR does not allow the CEC Power On command to pass through to the Odroid N2 when the AVR is in standby. This explains why I have to shortly switch inputs on the TV to make the Odroid N2 wake up after the TV has been switched on (because the AVR has been switched on by means of CEC by the TV).

My regular device chain is: Odroid N2 -> Pioneer AVR -> LG TV (HDMI2 - eARC)

My solution:
I have now connected the Odroid N2 directly to the LG TV and use eARC for all sound. Kodi is set to passthrough all audio over HDMI. This way the Odroid N2 receives the CEC Power On signal from the LG TV properly.

My revised device chain is now: Odroid N2 -> LG TV (HDMI1); LG TV (HDMI2 - eARC) -> Pioneer AVR

I have found just one audio format which doesn’t work: LPCM 5.1 - this is documented and according to LG US will be be fixed in an upcoming firmware update.

I tested such a connection (Odroid N2 - LG SM9000 - eARC - NAD T748). And I found a significant drawback - the sampling frequency on the AVR is always 48 kHz, even if the original file is 44.1 kHz. Probably TV plays files only with such a sampling rate.

All my files have at least 48kHz sampling rate, up to 96kHz. All of them are reproduced correctly.