CEC Power settings

Moved to Coreelec from Raybuntu’s C2 Libreelec builds. I noticed that on the coreelec build there is noway to control when CEC powers off the system after an idle time.

Granted Ray’s builds were kodi 17 and this is now 18.

Under System -> Input Devices -> Peripherals -> CEC adapter.

I am not sure if this is just a change in kodi 18, however if it is coreelec specific is there a workaround for this or reason its missing in the current C2 builds?

I worked around this by just using the screensaver option. I guess this is a newer feature and the older one was removed.

It is possible to start coreelec TV box via hdmi cec? I want the TV box to turn on when I turn on the TV. otherwise the hdmi cec function works properly and shut down works too

Up! Pls help :smile:

If you can modify your uboot then yes.
Most of the box has no uboot source so probably not.

TV box MXq pro 4k - only the shutdown command via hdmi cec works, at the same time, Odroid C2 - turn on and turn off via hdmi cec works fine.

Yes, see Pelican’s reply.