CEC problems with 8.95.6

Hey guys,

I have an issue with 8.95.6 and HDMI-CEC. Kodi doesn’t recognize that I’m connected to an AVR, so when I press the volume buttons on the box remote it increases/decreases the volume in Kodi and not on the AVR. This was a working setup until 8.95.6.
The other thing I’ve noticed is that after boot the CEC notification used to said that it was connected to my AVR, now it only says “TV”.

Logs are here: http://ix.io/1vw6


I can confirm this behaviour (not being able to control AVR volume via HDMI-CEC) with 8.95.6 for one of my (two) installations. The soundbar (Samsung) is the same for both setups. One TV is a 5 year old Samsung (here it doesn’t work), the other TV (where it works) is a two year old LG.

I went back to 8.95.5 and everything is fine again.