CEC Pulse-Eight adapter problem

Hello everybody. I am new to CoreELEC, which runs beautifully on my Odroid N2+… By the way, HEARTFELT THANKS to all people involved in the development of CE!
I use CE to stream videos while I exercise on my treadmill. My Odroid is connected to a monitor, and I listen with a headset.
In the past I used a Raspberry PI3 for this, then a PI4 (both with LibreElec) and when my PI4 died I decided to go Odroid/CoreElec. I am running the nightlies, and I am really very pleased. But I have a relatively small problem regarding my PulseEight dongle and remote. With LibreElec I successfully used the Keymap Editor addon to make the POWER button activate Kodi’s shutdown menu (instead of powering down my PI); and I made the “sandwich” button activate the player process info (Keyboard letter O) during video reproduction.
Is there a way to easily modify the keymap in CE? I ask because it seems that the Keymap Editor does not modify the keymap in CoreElec…
Thank you in advance for your help!

And how in this issue the Pulse-Eight adapter is involved?

The Amlogic devices do have CEC onboard (AOCEC). There is no need for the Pulse-Eight USB adapter.

As I wrote, my CE device (Odroid N2+) is connected to a monitor, not to a TV. This monitor came without any IR remote.

My remote is RF, not IR. So, using the dongle is needed. (An IR remote would work worse in my case anyway, because it wouldn’t have a direct “line of sight” to the IR sensor.)

It is similar to the OSMC remote, and is sold with the same USB dongle. I wish to assign different functions to 3 buttons (the two I already mentioned and the “mouse emulation” toggle which I would gladly replace with the STOP function (Keyboard letter X).

Is it possible to perform this task in CoreElec? And how? Thank you for your attention.

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