CEC Wake up Amlogic S912 device

Hi all,

I’m trying to understand if it is possible to wake up Beelink GT1 Ultimate with CEC HDMI (Samsung TV).

State of art:

  • Tv remote is able to command Amlogic up down left right select undo.
  • Tv correctly command successfully and turn off S912
  • Tv command wake up but S912 sleeps
  • S912 is able to turn off / on tv
  • I tried to use “suspend” option: tv is able to suspend and reactivate S912 but after few seconds S912 crashes.
  • I tried to follow Github U-boot wiki but I have serious lack of competence and I really don’t understand if I’m on the right way and I ask you advise

Thank you advance


can someone help me please?

You need to port board specific code for your Box. We can only add code for boxes we have.

For now this only works for Odroid C2, Odroid N2, Lepotato and H96+

You may have an adapter to make an UART log of u-boot? The error you describe sounds like a issue I know of “not tested” u-boot firmware and it could be fixed easily.
Take a look to Google to find some help on the PCB & UART. If you got a u-boot UART log the half way to fix the problem is already done.

I’m afraid of not being able to do what you advise. I’m not so advanced but I’d like to be

Open your box. Find a 4 pad connector (usually the connector is not soldered but you can find the place where should be). Usually the pads are marked as GND, TX, RX, 3V3. If not then one pad has different shape that is the GND.
Buy a cheap USB-serial adapter like this:
Connect the GND and TX pin of your box to the GND and RX of the adapter. Start a terminal program and watch the messages from your box.

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There is a good description about this box:

Also I can see the UART header pins.
It looks like a generic S912 box so the u-boot should be compatible.
If the ram is DDR4 this firmware should work: u-boot_q201_v2.2_green_PCB

my device is exactly what you indicated.
Where can I find the tutorial to install the firmware?
thank you!

But a log of the original u-boot would be fine to make adjustments for ram like speed.

Ok, I begin following your advices:
1- buy a USB-serial adapter to have the log
2- eventually try with u-boot_q201_v2.2_green_PCB (where can I download it?)

Post a log before flashing anything!

Dear all, I have followed your instructions and this is the log:

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Other logs:

thank you for support

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The u-boot_q201_v5_v6_blue_PCB.tar.gz should be the correct u-boot binary!
It is for LPDDR3:

LPDDR3 chl: Rank0+1 @ 744MHz
Rank0: 2048MB-2T-3
Rank1: 1024MB-2T-3

Before upgrade your u-boot read the Wiki carefully!!
The new binary at the realease page is running with 792MHz - a little bit faster than the original.
If you get crashes (sometimes) after the upgrade it is maybe necessary to decrease the speed!

The DTB should be gxm_q201_3g_1gbit.dtb or gxm_q201_3g.dtb. I don’t know if you have gigabit or not.

If the case how to decrease speed?

I’m very surprise to discover DDR3 inside the box. Specs says DDR4… I opened the box and I had confirm: Samsung semiconductors * K4EBE304EB-EGCF 3GB LPDDR3.
Thank you!

Change it here and recompile u-boot.

First I want to thank you all for support.
Just a couple of questions more.
I read the wiki but I dont understand exactly what to do. Where can I find e tutorial for rookie? I dont know what to do with u-boot_q201_v5_v6_blue_PCB.tar.gz file…
could it be necessary to reinstall Coreelec?
last question: I am configured to boot from sd and use internal memory for data (https://forum.libreelec.tv/thread/9425-howto-boot-from-sd-card-use-internal-memory-for-data/ ? postID = 57670 # post57670). Does the new Uboot have any effect on this configuration?

I use CoreELEC as a Samba server and TV server, for all the TVs and devices in my house and on the internet via VPN when I am away, therefore it is always on. I also do a daily automatic scheduled restart and this is where I have had problems because the reboot happens when the HDMI connected LG TV is turned off: low resolutions after the reboot and loss of control of the LG TV remote control CEC, I have solved this by canceling all the CEC controls in the Kodi settings Settings-> System-> Input-> Peripherals-> CEC_Adapter (keeping CEC enabled) and adjusting the admissible resolutions in the file /storage/.kodi/userdata/disp_cap

How do you arrange this?
Cron job?

Yes, with 'cron '. Here I wrote a tutorial Tutorial: Scheduled tasks in CoreELEC

My script for reboot is:

$(sleep 1m)

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