CEC Wakeup Problem

I am running coreelec from 30.6 (nightly).
My setup is: LG C3 <-> marantz sr7011 <-> odroid n2.

When i hit the poweroff on the remote for the tv, everything goes into hibernate/suspend.
When i hit the poweron on the remote for the tv, the tv and the marantz wakeup, the odroid unfortunately not.

Any ideas?

Have you tried connecting directly to your TV?

No. Next time this happens, i will try it directly with the TV. Thanks!

Another strange behaviour: the wakeup did not work so i unplugged the odroid from the power supply shortly to have a reset.
Then i lost again the network link. No matter how often i rebooted. So i removed the power cable, waited 10 seconds and plugged it back in again. Then it worked again.

Same problem now. I removed the hdmi cable from the marantz->odroid and plugged in a hdmi cable from odroid->tv directly. Did not help. When i poweroff the tv, the marantz still shuts down and starts. But the odroid not.

That’s what happens with mine since day one.
When N2 was the last active input before powering off, I have to switch to other input and back to wake it up.
N2 - - Denon - - Sony TV

Same here. Have to switch inputs in order to wake it up. With both a Denon x3400h and an Onkyo RC360 receiver.

I can confirm that. When i switch the input source from my AVR from “Game” to “TV” and back to “Game”, then the odroid wakes up.