CEC Wakeup Problem

I am running coreelec from 30.6 (nightly).
My setup is: LG C3 <-> marantz sr7011 <-> odroid n2.

When i hit the poweroff on the remote for the tv, everything goes into hibernate/suspend.
When i hit the poweron on the remote for the tv, the tv and the marantz wakeup, the odroid unfortunately not.

Any ideas?

Have you tried connecting directly to your TV?

No. Next time this happens, i will try it directly with the TV. Thanks!

Another strange behaviour: the wakeup did not work so i unplugged the odroid from the power supply shortly to have a reset.
Then i lost again the network link. No matter how often i rebooted. So i removed the power cable, waited 10 seconds and plugged it back in again. Then it worked again.

Same problem now. I removed the hdmi cable from the marantz->odroid and plugged in a hdmi cable from odroid->tv directly. Did not help. When i poweroff the tv, the marantz still shuts down and starts. But the odroid not.

That’s what happens with mine since day one.
When N2 was the last active input before powering off, I have to switch to other input and back to wake it up.
N2 - - Denon - - Sony TV

Same here. Have to switch inputs in order to wake it up. With both a Denon x3400h and an Onkyo RC360 receiver.

I can confirm that. When i switch the input source from my AVR from “Game” to “TV” and back to “Game”, then the odroid wakes up.

My setup is: Odroid N2 – NAD T748 – Sharp TV. The CEС command from the TV does not wakeup Odroid N2 (works on the Odroid C2). At the same time, when N2 is on, it responds to all CEC commands - navigation, volume control and shutdown.

Got the same/similar issue. Using Stable though 9.1.0 (not yet 9.2.0).
I don’t suspend my N2 (cause sometimes it didn’t want to boot and I don’t care about the power consumption when idle) but when I switch to the HDMI port it’s on it sometimes wakes up, sometimes doesn’t.

When I go for example from my youtube app (not even a HDMI source) or my set top box (other HDMI port) to my N2 the N2 doesnt always wake up and my commands from my remote (through CEC) keeps going to the last source. (had some funny stuff going on on my settopbox which I didn’t see because of it ;-))
Most of the time when I go back to the other source (app or hdmi) and indeed wait a few seconds before going to my N2 it wakes up.
A few rare times I’ve had to enable/disable CEC on my tv for it to work.

Looks more like an issue with the CEC Driver…

Anybody found a solution/workarround/root cause so far?

no, seems like they (devs/mods) dont see it as a problem. for me, it gets worse - i have to switch the input now multiple times until the odroid wakes up. multiple means > 6-10 times. pretty annoying.
i also have sometimes the problem that when i press a key on the remote, it got send twice or sometimes three times. i am sure its not a problem with the remote but with the CEC because the remote works like a charm when i use the tv functions. and i have 2 remotes, both have the same problem with kodi/odroid. and when i use my tablet with kore, it works as expected. so i am very certain its a CEC problem.

edit: just noticed there is progress going on at this thread: CEC not working

In my case (N2->EGreat or LG Receiver->Samsung QLED), wakeup still does not work. It’s fine with N2 connected directly to TV.

Debug log shows that Kodi/N2 goes into suspend (OnSleep messages) but simply does not wake up via CEC or IR remote :frowning:

@mombasa123 please stop cross posting. As I had written above this thread is not about wake up issues!

fyi: that image does change the wakeup behaviour, and the title of this thread is “cec wakeup problems”. i also see no posting from you. could it be that you are in the wrong thread?

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Thx for this correction, but the changes are only kernel related, not bootloader (bl301)
But maybe if the CEC connection is now working in Kodi the wake up will work too as the bootloader take over the CEC connection done by the kernel before. I will need to check it as I don’t remember it :wink:

no, wakeup still does not work. it behaves now exactly as i started this thread. it was bad when i had to change the input source multiple times. this problem seems to be fixed now. the odroid wakes up when i switch the source one time. so something is still broken, but there is now a good workaround available (at least for me)

edit: i was too fast. i have running now devel-1570018126 and hat to switch about 10 times the input from “game” -> “tv” -> “game” to wakeup the odroid.

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When nobody is providing UART logs of the suspended device & wake up we can’t help.

can you tell me how i can provide those logs? do i need special hardware? or does this somehow work with software too?

Have ordered from AliExpress.

Is there a link somewhere on how to actually capture these logs please?

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When you connect the adapter to your PC, you will have a new COM port in device manager.
Then you can use PuTTY to connect to this COM port, and that way you will be able to get the UART log.