CEC wakeup unreliable with LG TV

Hi All,
I’d spent hours trying to fix an unreliable CEC wake-up behavior, trying unsuccessfully numerous tips from the related threads here, until I found a solution buried elsewhere, and I think it’s worth posting here as it might help save someone from a headache.

I have Odroid N2 connected directly to LG TV. I have setup CEC so that I use the TV remote and the N2 is controlled completely via CEC. It works generally fine, only it doesn’t always wake up the device. It does wake it up a few times, at some point it just stops doing so and from that point on nothing I do wakes the device up. When I power it up manually, it starts to work again, but again for a few times only.

It turns out to be an LG bug. Just turn off QuickStart+ on the TV (Settings -> General -> Additional Settings). The TV start time will be perhaps one second longer, during which you’ll see an LG logo, but CEC will work reliably.

Hope this helps.


Try to disable “active route” in ce settings for CEC.

Wow, it works like a charm even with the QuickStart+ enabled. It has some other positive effects as well, for example, disabling “switch source to this device on startup” previously prevented the CEC from waking the device up completely, with the “active route” switched off it works as expected. Thanks!

Thanks for the tip. I will give this a try soon. Both of those settings are currently enabled on my LG TV.

CEC on the N2 would never play nice with my LG C9 and so I gave up on it and completely disabled CEC in N2 settings. I use a Harmony remote so I really don’t rely on CEC with the N2, but always nice to know why things don’t work.

Only way to solve such CEC issues: create a a new issue at libCEC with description and log files

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