Ceemmc dual boot feature


today i used ceemmc to free my SD card. I use the skin Amber.

In the FAQ i read my device should now have dual boot and to boot to Android i have to call “Reboot from eMMC/NAND” from the Coreelec menu but i cannot see this item ?
I could see the Reboot to Android which calls “/usr/sbin/rebootfromnand” … so i did this and it booted Android. But now i cannot boot Coreelec ! (I rebooted CE some times before without SD card and it worked, the problem appeared when i switched to Android).
Can you tell me how does this dual boot work ?

How do i switch from CE to Android and back without reinstalling again from SD card ?

should be the same as “Reboot from eMMC/NAND”

You can boot back from Android to CE just by reboot Android. CE will be load on next boot.
When installation to eMMC was successful you don’T need the SD anymore. If you left it inside CE get booted from SD as it have higher boot priority.

Thanks for your reply. Now i know reboot twice does the trick :slight_smile:

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