Changing default password

I’m trying to change default coreelec password but I’m facing a problem that it want let me set my usual 8 characters (only letters and numbers) long password.

It says:
Bad password: too weak
passwd: password for root is unchanged

I know that by today’s (paranoid) standards your password should be zillion characters long and contain, letters, numbers, lowercase, uppercase, special characters, leg of a dead frog, drop of a virgins blood, unicorns left ear… and so on… but my question is: Is there a maybe possibility, for few sane people left, that are willing to take full responsibility, even if the consequences will bring certain death, to change default password to some normal password that they have used for past 25 years without any problems?? :slight_smile:


You can do that manually by editing file /storage/.cache/shadow.
Create new password with command

python -c "import crypt, getpass; print crypt.crypt(getpass.getpass(prompt='Password: '), '\$6\$' + getpass.getpass(prompt='    Salt: ') + '\$')"

and then change value in shadow file.

What do I need put as “salt”? Some phrase I choose or there is something specific in this case?
And after that do I need to put “salt” as well in shadow file. If yes, what is the format?

I figured it out. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Salt is just few random characters.
In shadow file you just need to change line starting with root:


I red this so I figured it out.

Thanks once more :slight_smile:

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That’s a bit involved just to use a preferred password for CE. I was hoping the Linux built-in passwd utility can do the job. In any case I have a password that’s tolerable and passes the check so I’m not going to mess with it.

Anyway it’s getting ridiculous with passwords anymore. Pretty aggravating. Used to be I could select a password of my choosing. Now they make it so darn difficult I end up with passwords I can never remember. Have to store them in a vault now which I don’t like. All to protect your email or some shopping site. Like you need Fort Knox security there.

I think with this passwords could be more “human” friendly :slight_smile:

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Actually there’s a way to remember a darn difficult password like this one:
Which is a slightly altered acronym of your last sentence.

I do have ones I can remember that past most checks, the problem is the requirements vary so much from site to site. If requirements were consistent it would be much less of a problem.

All these providers think their shit is so damn valuable, it’s like get over yourself, it’s just an online shopping site or whatever. Why don’t they make things secure on their end so I don’t have to create some crazy impossible password.

I do use strong passwords at times, but only when they are protecting sensitive data. I hardly think my shopping cart or my babbling in an email is sensitive data.

You’re right. That’s why, amongst other reasons, a vault like Lastpass is useful.

I’m using one now, but only because of that, would rather not have to.