Changing path of all movies and TV shows

I have Coreelec on an Odroid C4, connected to a USB Hard Drive. It was called 3TBHDD. I ust replaced it with one called 4TBSSD. Of course all the existing movies won’t play because they’re looking for them on 3TBHDD. I copied all the files and directories directly from the 3TB to 4TB drive. Is there a way to easily change the path to 4TBSSD and have all the movies work? Or do I have to rescan the entire collection and lose knowing which movies I’ve watched?

Rename the hdd :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:and open trakt acc. It will keep everything for ya!

I think unless you can make kodi find the files in exactly the same path you’re going to have rescan and lose all of your watch progress.

I asked this on the kodi forum a while ago about how to change the paths of existing files and it seems the way to do it is to export all of your films to nfo files that includes the watch status for each file and then reimport after moving the files. I haven’t actually tried it but that’s what was suggested.

I’ve done it using this guide before:

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