Changing the output resolution corrupts the image after an upgrade to 9.2.1

I have been running Minix U9-H with CE 9.0.2 without any problems, yesterday I upgraded to 9.2.1 and observed a video corruption whenever I change the resolution in Kodi.

Here is the example:

This happens anytime the resolution changes, in the image above I had originally the Kodi res set to 1280x720p and changed it in the settings to 1920x1080p.
I had originally also all 1920x1080p@(23.975, 24, 50, 60) whitelisted, but whenever Kodi switched to the any of those resolutions it led to the same corruption.

This also happens when I had 1920x1080p set in Kodi and changed the res to 1280x720p, etc. It seems I can “fix” it by rebooting the box with the new resolution set then after the reboot the new one behaves fine, but any one different I would changed to later exhibits the same symptoms.

This did not happen with CE 9.0.2, so I wonder what might have changed to cause this and if I could fix it somehow.

The TV is an old Panasonic with the native 720p panel (HD Ready :)), which however supports all the resolutions up to 1920x1080p@60Hz fine (or did until now).

Did you try to remove all resolutions in Whitelist and then choose Resolution 1280x720p, same as your default TV panel ?