Channels not showing up under groups

So have a rather weird issue.

I use to only have tuner tv channels grouped in tags. This worked perfectly. In kodi i could see the groups and I could navigate around.

I started trialing with m3u lists. Pointing to the list in iptv automatic network works, i set the service id=1 and skip creation, which automatically adds everything and groups them.

With this, the m3u list also creates tags which are visible in kodi as well, however they don’t contain any channels in coreelec even though they do on the tvh server. Also, the exisitng groups/tags also now contain no channels. If i delete all the recently added m3u linked channels, they reappear again?

I tried connecting another instance of kodi on mobile and windows pc to the same server, and it picks it up perfectly. Only way i can view channels is by selecting all channels, not ideal.

Any reason why this might be happening?

Hey, from my experience you get empty groups in CE when you mess around with the sort ordering of the groups and the “All channels” group specifically. I usually leave the “All channels” group with sort index 0 at the top and then I sort my own groups with sort index 1 and up in tvheadend. You might be able to run other groups/tags with sort index 0 but if “All channels” gets moved as the second group, then the groups get empty.

“If i delete all the recently added m3u linked channels, they reappear again?”

As long as you have Kodi connected to tvheadend it will synchronize. You can disable some things under Settings -> PVR & Live TV.

In general I would recommend not to do any changes what so ever in Kodi and all the changes either in TVHeadend or the .m3u file. You should be able to do pretty much everything there.

spot on, it was the sort index. What does that do anyway.

IS there anyway i can get my tags/ groups to be ordered in a way i want?

I guess the index just sorts the groups in the group selection menu and in the guide according to the index. Leave “All Channels” as 0 and use 1+ to sort your other groups the way you want them sorted. (Lower numbers are on top)

I think you can hide the “All channels” group in the Group Management menu in Kodi, if you really dislike it being the first group.