TVHeadEnd PVR Client Empty Channel Groups


I’m having trouble populating the channel groups in the Live TV section of Kodi.

I have TVHeadEnd 4.3-1897~g6b8f014c3 running on a separate Debian server.
I have loaded an M3U file in to TVHeadEnd as an IPTV Source. This has created the relevant Channel Tags / Channel Groups on the TVHeadEnd server. I have then ordered the Channel Tags on the server so they appear in my chosen order.

I have CoreELEC installed to an SD Card on my Minix Neo U9-h
It loads the channel groups through from the server correctly and lists them in the correct order, however the groups do not contain any channels. The only way that I am able to access my channels is by scrolling through the large list of the All Channels group in Kodi; not ideal.

I also have various Amazon Fire TV devices with Kodi installed on them and these all work correctly, the Channel Groups show in the correct order and they each contain the correct TV Channels. I have even booted my Minix in to it’s Android OS and installed Kodi on there. This too behaves correctly as the Amazon Fire TV devices do.
There is no doubt that the problem here lies somewhere with CoreELEC. Can anyone help?

I have tried both the latest release of CoreELEC and currently I am running the “nightly_20200921” build but it still has the problem
The TVHeadEnd HTSP Client is version

Incidentally I came across an old post on here describing the same problem: Channels not showing up under groups
However, the advice to give the “All Channels” group a sort index of 0 is incorrect as there isn’t actually an “All Channels” group / tag on the TVHeadEnd server side.

Thanks for reading, sorry for the long post. Fingers crossed we can get this sorted :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve run into this a couple of times, usually when I do an installation from scratch. Looks like the groups and channels do not get populated in the right order or something along those lines.

Enable “Synchronize channel groups with backend(s)” under System -> PVR&Live TV -> General if you didn’t already. Then try running a “Clear data” from the same menu to re-synchronize.

for me solution was to give an unique index for every group channel and magically all channels went back!
I don’t know if You already resolved Your problem but these are my 2 cents…

can anyone compile the version 7.2.0 for CE ? I need the HTTP stream funcionallity

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