Chapter skip on 4k Remux causes Kodi crash

Ive literally just upgraded to CoreELEC 9.2.2 on my N2 and for me this bug is now finally squashed!!!, awesome job CoreELEC dev’s, not exactly sure what killed the bug, as i see there was a lot of changes around kernel and driver implementation in the changelog, whatever it is im very pleased to see the back of this bug!.

edit - ugggh it looks like its less prevalent but still an issue sadly with certain 4k remux’s, i’ve got a remux that crashes kodi every time you chapter skip twice.

I wish I could say the same. A couple of videos will now at least resume if its withing the first 10 minutes of the video, but chapter skips and large skips still fail.

I’ve tried three different USB3 external hard drives and I’ve yet to get through an entire 4k Remux TrueHD movie without a crash somewhere after the 30 minute mark. Chapter skip freezes or drops back to the main screen as well as big skips,

After selecting a chapter, the log fills with:

DEBUG: CVideoPlayerVideo::OutputPicture - ttd:493ms pts:19.770 Clock:19.277 Level:-1
WARNING: CRenderManager::WaitForBuffer - timeout waiting for buffer

Just to confirm, this is still an issue with CoreELEC 9.2.3 on ODROID N2.

this is still true with matrix 19. the secret is playing 2160p remux truehd then 100% crash when skipping a large chunk using the seek bar.

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