Chapter skip on 4k Remux causes Kodi crash

Hi, so i have been able to create a repeatable crash with the current latest Nightly build on my Odroid N2, it can be triggered by chapter skipping of certain 2160p Bluray UHD Remux’s (mkv container), strangely fast fwd seems fine but chapter skipping (fairly consistently) causes kodi to crash and restart, im not sure if this is a Kodi issue or a CoreELEC/Odroid N2 issue, it would be interesting to hear of anybody else who is seeing this, especially on different hardware.

I have captured Kodi debug and crash logs, links to both below:-

kodi debug log:-
kodi crash log:-

One thing i have noticed is if i pause between each chapter skip (5 secs+) then the issue is less likely to happen, of note is that it doesn’t affect ALL remux’s, but ive found no pattern (can affect old or new movies).

FYI this is the closest match to the issue im seeing, interestingly the issue details that the chapter seek crash is brought on by a 4k remux (which is what triggers it for me):-

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I got the same problem. My device is phicomm n1 which runs on s905d. Probably only available in China. Anyway, it works fine when playing UHD movies, but it keeps crashing when I try to skip a certain amount of time using kodi remote APP. Probably 9 out of 10 times. Fast fwd works fine too. Since the problem repeats itself on different hardwares, figure it must be because of the software. Currently I’m using 9.0.3.
This issue not only happens with remux videos, for 2160p bluray goes by m2ts it is the same case.
My TV is incompatible with the Android version of kodi, so there is no way I can test if it is because of kodi or coreelec. Hopefully this bug could get fixed in the nearly future cuz it’s really annoying. Thanks to those who made coreelec happen. Kudos to you all.

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This is still a problem for me, even in the latest nightly builds for the N2, i am a bit shocked that there aren’t more people complaining about this bug, IMHO not being able to chapter skip a 4k movie is a big bug, but hey maybe nobody cares about 4k content :dizzy_face:

No problem here with chapter skipping on N2, VIM3 and S912 with latest nightlies (and never was).

just to confirm, this is when playing back 4k remux right?, for the record i have zero issues with chapter skip on 1080p content, it seems to be purely 4k movies which cause it, its very repeatable for me.

This looks like a crash in FFmpeg, not much we can do about that.
Since it only reproduces in your setup, it could be something with your configuration.
I’d suggest a clean install on a separate sd to test whether it still occurs.

not strictly true, see second post in this thread.

i can do this, it will take a bit of time as the unit is in constant use but i will give it a whirl if it helps debug the issue.

I’ve tested right now with a couple of UHD BD, and 4k mkv and no issue at all…

Thanks i appreciate the test!, OK im going to try the suggested idea of a clean install then and rule out any addons causing issues.

Of note, the crash does not occur on all 4k remux’s, so it is possible you have struck lucky with your test media. Also i should mention that the 4k remux’s i am using are located on a NAS (unraid), im not sure if you could test playback over the network, im assuming your test was playback of a locally stored file?.

No, I have everything on my NAS.

ahh ok, cool.

@binhex did you sort out a fix? I’m having crashes any time I try to do a large seek. Small seeks work as expected, but large seeks crash every time. Pretty comparable to a chapter skip, thus my tag on post here

Nope it’s still on my list of things to do, I need to really try the idea of a clean install of coreelec and see if I still have the same issue if I do then I can raise it to coreelec/Kodi teams, feel free to try this and report back.

Just to confirm are these re-muxes or re-encodes. In a re-mux the Key Frames should be the same as the original as the video is a copy of the original track. In a re-encode the track is decoded then re-coded the keyframes will change.

@ffimon for me the issue is seen when playing 4k remux

I also experience this crash quite frequently. In particular with any 4K Frozen Remux you can find around just after 36:00 when Anna approaches the Swiss hut.
There has also been a simultaneous discussion going on in the LE forums:

I have found that the crash is more likely to occur with any movie when skipping, but it ALWAYS crashes on Frozen at the mentioned play time.

Here’s my crash log when skipping through:
And the one only happening at the specific position in the movie during normal playback:
I’m streaming from a NAS via smb.

I’m running CE 9.2.1 on an Odroid N2, but experienced it even before CE 9.2. I tested the same source material on a virtual machine with most recent LE installed, but interestingly enough no issue there. Maybe an anomaly with the HEVC decoding happening on the Odroid?

The crashes are really nasty :frowning:

We are not alone with this issue! looks like OSMC had the same issue with chapter skip on remuxes just like me!, fixed on OSMC:-

And another thread on this forum, same issue:-

Can we get a fix for this guys, or at least get a dev to look into this issue to see if it can be replicated?.

chapter fix / TrueHD fix - not sure what crash is discussed here.

I’ve experienced it also on my N2, running latest nightly, definitely only 4k remux files. But no consistency on which file and when.

Same issue here with most 4k remux files with TrueHD. Big skips and trying to change chapters will almost always result in a hang or fallback to the main screen.