Chapter skip on 4k Remux causes Kodi crash

Hi, so i have been able to create a repeatable crash with the current latest Nightly build on my Odroid N2, it can be triggered by chapter skipping of certain 2160p Bluray UHD Remux’s (mkv container), strangely fast fwd seems fine but chapter skipping (fairly consistently) causes kodi to crash and restart, im not sure if this is a Kodi issue or a CoreELEC/Odroid N2 issue, it would be interesting to hear of anybody else who is seeing this, especially on different hardware.

I have captured Kodi debug and crash logs, links to both below:-

kodi debug log:-
kodi crash log:-

One thing i have noticed is if i pause between each chapter skip (5 secs+) then the issue is less likely to happen, of note is that it doesn’t affect ALL remux’s, but ive found no pattern (can affect old or new movies).

FYI this is the closest match to the issue im seeing, interestingly the issue details that the chapter seek crash is brought on by a 4k remux (which is what triggers it for me):-