Choppy IPTV HD video on any later Coreelec version than v9.2.8

Few HD channels are being played back choppy, always the same ones. The difference between choppy and non-choppy channels I noticed was the chppy ones were 50Hz as opposed to 25hz refresh rate. Even codecs seem to be the same. I’m no expert so can’t tell if there’s something else.

I tried to transcode those channels thinking that choppiness was caused by incompatible libs, but that didn’t help either.

Up until yesterday I was thinking the issue is related to newer boxes (later than S905X) as older ones were working fine, but then I tried unbrick my a tv box of my parents and booted the latest Coreelec (20) from USB, those HD channels was choppy, failed to install it internally (unsupported fw) and then booted the legacy v9.2.8.
To my amazement, the legacy Coreelec was playing back those previously choppy HD channels just fine.
The box used for testing was Beelink MXIII-II (S905X), but I tried multiple various S905X3 boxes with the same result.
My PVR is tvheadend, but I also had the same experience with the mythtv and vdr.
The video is choppy regardless where it’s being played back from, live tv or recording.
CPU does not seem too happy while playing back such video as well, one of the cores are being loaded 100%

Adding the example video file: - Upload files for free and transfer big files easily.

I’d be more than happy to provide any additional information

Auri :slight_smile:

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