Chroma Subsampling 4:4:4

As I read here in the foreground, video >30FPS and more plays Chroma Subsampling 4: 2: 0. Is it possible to play Chroma Subsampling 4: 4: 4 >30FPS? If yes. How to set?

Have you actually got any content that is actually in 4:4:4 - because just about nothing is mastered in that…

Isn’t it just a matter of transmitting a signal like HDMI? The media file also contains Chroma Subsampling?

Yep - use MediaInfo to check your files. You’ll see they are all 4:2:0. E.g. I have Instestellar in the ‘fancy’ version (with all the asepct switching etc, from Bluray) - and even that is 4:2:0…(and a 65Gb file no less!)

The 4:4:4 side of things is of real importance in mastering (as that’s where they do the grading / colour shifts) - but the final output it pretty much always reduced to 4:2:0. (This is basically analgous to photo editing - edit in 16 bit, but it’s no big problem if you ultimately export for viewing in 8 bit…)

(4:4:4 requires a lot more data that 4:2:0…so in signal terms, you’ll be hitting the limits of various HDMI versions if you needlessly send more colour info when you don’t need to…)

bossanova808 Thanks for the explanation. I finally understand that. At least I think so. :smile:

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