Chromecast for google tv and CoreElec?

have the new chromecast with google tv here.

The Hardware should be fine for

I have connected a USB C Hub with Ethernet LAN and a Stick with on it.

But how to get the device into recovery mode to boot from USB ?

Any hints or ideas ?

What device exactly do you have?
If it has L1 DRM (most original Google devices have it) than you have a locked bootloader, and if so, no way to get CE running on that device…

this one

For this one I’m 99.99% sure that it has locked boot loader…, but there is still 0.01% chance that it’s possible to install CE on it :slight_smile:

99,99 is enough to give it back

because german magenta tv stick (with Widevine Level 1) can reboot with build in update app and is fine with - and is 20 Euro cheaper…

No root, enrypted bootloader - no CE

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