Chromecast Remote

I’ve been looking for a decent cheap remote that I like. The Chromecast Remote looked like a good candidate. I paired it but it doesn’t work. Is there a way to get it working? Is support planned?

I’m on CoreELEC 20.2 using an AmLogic Box (S905x-based) that I was given without an original remote. I was using CEC support through a TV, but recently had to switch to an older TV without CEC support. I’m now trying to set up an alternative way of using my device (which works great otherwise).

I’ve had issues with two Chromecast remotes; one was for the Onn (Walmart brand) media box with Chromecast built-in, and one was for the Chromecast with Google TV dongle.

The Onn remote (don’t have model number; isn’t next to me) would pair via bluetooth, but upon trying to use it would seem to reset. I’d have to remove the batteries to get it to do anything.

The Chromecast remote (model no. G9N9N) seemed to pair just fine, and basic buttons like directional navigation, back, and volume + / - all work. However, the okay/make selection button doesn’t work.

If I use a keyboard to navigate through Keymap Editor (from the Kodi Repository), when using that to edit the okay button, pressing the center button on the Chromecast remote shows a set of numbers on the list entry, but it still won’t register the button press in any other screen.

EDIT: With a little extra searching, I came across this page which may be of use. Can anyone confirm if it worked for them?

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