Color space?

Just made new install from scratch, latest stable coreelec on my C2. For some reason now it seems that not every color is reproduced, and this problem occurs in GUI, watching pictures or videos. I don´t seem to find setting that fixes this. Any hint? I´ve never had this kind of problem with Kodi. With older coreelec with same hardware (AVR and TV also) colors were ok.

So it seems that I have to look for other hardware for Kodi, because discussion about Kodi&C2 is dead both here and on Kodi forums. Or I just have to revert to older build which didn´t have this annoying problem.

I’m sure that none of us know what color problem you are talking about.

Pic attached. Pictures and UI in general seem grainy. It seems that this problem doesn´t affect video playback, or I it isn´t as obvious on video playback.

Sorry for interrupt, I probably can’t help anyway,
it just hard to say what is wrong with that pictures?
Could you make screenshot with the same content on other platform maybe?

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