Command to completely disable CEC in "config.ini"

Can’t CEC simply be removed or is it baked in these days?

Thanks Ray for your reply. Yes Wkae Up On Lan was already disbabled. But it seems also that if I power down teh CE stramming box then once again teh CEC and ARC between my AVR and TV also stops working untiol I reboot the streaming box ??? This is weird indeed. So still looking for a reason for this annd hopefully an answer as why would I need the streaming box up and working either in default Android or CE for the ARC/CEC to work between my TV and AVR ?? Does not make any sense. Same with my friend’s set up too who uses CE 9.2.3 with a different streaming box (Beelink GT King), later model AVR Onkyo NR 696 and a different and later model TV (OLED 65" 2019 model) The common factor is strangely ythe streaming box which must be on and must be in a state that leaves the TV to AVR CEC/ARC still working ???

I forgot that the GUI setting is only there for Odroids and devices what do have BL301 injected. You should be able to edit config.ini manually.
But the issue is mostly due to buggy u-boot from your vendor.

Same issue here. I got Pioneer VSX-932, LG 65oled TV and Odroid C4 running CE9.2.3. After a while the ARC from tv won’t work. I have to reboot or just disconnect CE to bring the ARC back on. I though the issue is with my receiver but it looks like its with CE. I tried to turn off CEC on CE but this does not help.

You need to disable CEC wakeup

You also can try libCEC 4.0.5 as it’s working on start but break after a while. This will maybe caused by libCEC:

So which config.ini file do I need to edit ?? Looked in the .kodi/configs folder but cannot find annthing that seems relevant to CEC. So you think it might be a buggy uboot from Tanix in the TX9 Pro box ??

Is this just for Odroid or more common streaming boxes like my Tanix TX9 Pro and my mates Beelink GT King??


No such folder /flash ??? I assume you are talking KODI / CE system folders yes ?? I dont want to be messing much with Android as I really loathe that OS so much and try to avoid it as much as possible. Its why I will not entertain an Android based smart phone despite some excellent hardware platforms like Huawei gear which I really rate. I stick to my iPhones thanks as far better to use and far safer too, as well as solidly built too. But hey I digress, sorry

You need to ssh. We don’t use Android. We are a linux based operating system.

Okay thanks for that I will try ssh as have many times before but not for some while. Yes I know we don’t use Android but I have come across cases where the default Android system set up in our streaming boxes does affect CE operations and was guided on here once to check and change something in the Android settings files, just cannot remember what.

Editing the contents of the /flash partition.

This partition is mounted read only.
So you do need to ssh into the device and remount the /flash partition to make it writable.

mount -o remount,rw /flash

after which you can then edit the config.ini file

nano /flash/config.ini

Then reboot.

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Thanks Kostaman. Sorry for late reply but not been available for a coujple of weeks. I did take a look at the config.ini file and it has a single line WOL=0 So it is already disable it appears. Still have this annoying problem losing CEC and ARC between the TV and Onkyo AVR requiring a reboot of the TX9 Pro box running 9.2.3 which then clears thsio problem which comes back sometime later for no apparent reason I can put my finger on. And happens again even though I leave the TX9 box running all the time when not being used.

Some more test I have carried our shows that if I power down the box but leave it connected to the power then I lose CEC/ARC TV to AVR, so this thus appears not to be a CoreELEC problem but something in the box hardware that is interfering with the Onkyo CEC/ARC funcfion. BUT if I disconnect the power enitrely from the TX9 or unplug the HDMI lead to the Onkyo then the CEC/ARC comes back fine between TV and AVR ?? So does that help in giving a clue as to solving this problem that others here, plus my friend with a GT King box, also have too ??

Thanks in advance for any response to this problem or any others with any relevent input


Did you try all libCEC versions?

What does it have to do with WOL?

The /flash/config.ini file deals with WOL and is the only line present. Mine was set at WOL=0 and was mentioned to me to ensure that this WOL was switched off. Yes I wondered why that was too.

Thanks Portisch. Will have to look at the licCEC 4.0.7. But where do I download it from ?? Or will it already be available in the .config folder though I doubt that ?? I will take a peak.

You can add other options there even if there is only one line currently present.

Is there a list of available options for boot.ini and config.ini?