Command to reboot to eMMC NAND to use on other skins?

You just need to change Line 123 in DialogButtonMenu.xml from:- System.PathExist("/dev/env") to:- System.CanReboot in nox silvo to add the Reboot to Android option to the Power menu.
in Matrix 19.

i was never able to work out how to get reboot to android in the dialog box in earlier versions, so i added it as a submenu item and it worked, however, in matrix, that option is added to the dialog box as part of the default nox silvo build and is working for me (but the sub menu that was working in leia no longer works.)

possibly your manual config is conflicting? might be worth trying try a clean install of nox (back up yours first so you can easily put it back) to see if it is working?

Update to confluence skin, for matriX, works on CE 19.2 rc4 (7.1 MB)

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hello, i install aeon mq 8 on my coreelec and write in my box internal hardisk, thinking want to add boot from usb command to the skin and later on plug in usb openwrt as alternative system.

how to fullfill this with the skin? couse i saw above command is for boot from internal, which i want is boot from usb.

Thanks appreciate thanks.

it’s not possible. you need to modify the bootloader environment for your needs and introduce a new variable like same as bootfromnand.

Right now the boot priority is fixed at uSD, USB and eMMC and this only apply to CoreELEC boot system.

It works for me in CE19 from microSD to Android but it does not work for me restart from microSD to CE 19 to internal memory installed same CoreELEC System 19. Tested X96 Air and X96 Max.

Sure it does not work as it’s not part of the booting system.
It boot the first CE installation found in the order uSD/USB/eMMC.

You can not boot from uSD CE to eMMC CE, only to Android.

In CE 18 if the boot from the microSD to the internal memory also works, also installed CoreELEC, AlexELEC or LibreELEC, this error is in CE 19 MATRIX and CE 20 version.

There is and was never a CE18 version.

And the boot system from 9.2 is 100% the same like CE19 or CE20.
So please go to AlexELEC or LibreELEC and request help there.
Thank you.

Sorry I have been confused when writing, I mean CoreELEC 9.2.7 that works perfect restart from the microSD to the internal memory having installed here either CoreELEC, LibreELEC or AE. In CE 19 and 20 the restart from the microSD only works well for Android in the internal memory.

Tested on the X96 Air and X96 Max, CoreELEC 19 Matrix reboots fine from Micro SD to Android but when rebooting having CE installed in internal memory it returns to micro SD again, you have to remove it from the slot.


Ok, then I think we can stop it here right now. The devices you use aren’t official supported at all by ceemmc and maybe you talk about a different internal install.

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Does your procedure still work in 2021? Do you think it works on all skins?

In all skins just change the line in DialogButtonMenu.xml from:- System.PathExist("/dev/env") to:- System.CanReboot to add the Reboot to Android option to the Power menu

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Ok thanks. Perfect.

Problem solved.

I suggest making the apk available via Github.

Not only will you reach more people, you also will be able to receive feedback on how well it performs.and requests for updates and fixes.

Gt king pro rooted with CE installed dual boot emmc, your apk booting to recovery menu only.

Is it just the same as this?

Yes it seems the same code but when using the reboot to LE apk with the LE build installed dual boot, it works well as have used many times on a different device. This CE apk doesn’t achieve the same working result. With CE installed dual boot just rebooting to android then restarting the device works fine to restart CE. Don’t quite see the point of any apk to get from android to CE. Just my opinion guys am just a user.