Compile patched tvheadend addon

Hello I’m struggling to compile add-on Tvheadend4.3.

What i did: (Ubuntu 22.04, with Instructions from wiki coreelec build ce)

PROJECT=Amlogic-ce ARCH=arm Device=AMLGX scripts/build libdvbcsa scripts/create_addon tvheadend43

After fifty minutes (core-i3) the compilation ends with the message:

Cannot get zlib sources : try later!

I think the current version of zlib is 1.2.13.



So I installed that version und started the compilation again. But the error message remains.

Cannot get zlib sources : try later!

Is there a way to change the zlib version
1.2.12 to 1.2.13?

Oh du I have to compile the whole CoreELEC Image first?


I assume this LE commit zlib: update to 1.2.13 · LibreELEC/ · GitHub will make it to CE and make your life easier

Thanks a lot. That did the trick.

But compiling isn’t that easy.

I startet the compilation with so many different parameters. Always (other) errors at the end.

For a 905 (Mecool KI pro and wetek play 2, Matrix RC-2) amlogic device, what are the working parameters when you consider this thread?

But thanks anyway, this was a very useful hint!

Trying to build tvheadend with patched libdvbcsa.

scripts/build libdvbcsa

ends with these errors:

Building in works.

Thank you

Without little more info no one can tell you what is wrong.
And btw: How did you get AMLGX device? CE19 only has Amlogic-ng device.

That helped. I put the patch into the /packages/devel/m4/patches folder.

now it compiles the tvh43 addon witout any errors.

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