Compile S905 - Help a greatful noob

Hello all.
I’ve been quite happily using CoreElec for the past 4 or so years, on my Beelink MXIII II With the S905 (no letter) SoC. Since october 2021, I’ve been using the Legacy (CE 9.2.8) and final official CE release for my box, and it runs just a-Ok.

Since it was the final release, which I tottaly understand the reasons why, I’ve kept using KODI 18 both on box and also on my laptop. But when kodi 20.1 was released, I decided to give a go to Kodi 20.1 and I was mindblowned by its speed and lightness compared to previous kodi versions.

Since I’ve noticed that LibreElec was again (i think) giving support for the Nexus release for these Soc powered devices, and I really dont wanna use it, CE CoreElec has extended my Beelink lifespan quite significantly, I wanna keep using CE, hence this post.


  • Is it possible for me to compile a 20.1 Nexus version for my box? If so can you give me some pointers aside the ones here (coreelec:build_ce [CoreELEC Wiki])?
  • I know there are “branches” (-ce and -ne), should I take this in consideration when compiling it, assuming its possible to do it?

Thanks and i’m sorry if this has been posted elsewhere or in the wrong category, and for lengthy post.

Thanks in advance.

In theory it would be possible. But because of lack of maintaining time support was dropped. And would be very hard to bring it back. So the short answer is: no, not possible to build it.

Time to grab a new box and repurpose. My mini mx makes a fi ne Emby server and syncthing offsite backup. Plenty more im sure you could get it to do but that in itself keeps an offsite backup, always a good idea, and emby server for my parents where it is. And thats so easy for r them because its an app on the tv, not transcoding needed as its local. Perfect. Just an idea to show what i did before getting a c4.

So what about the not so short but noob friendly answer?


What do you see unfriendly in my answer? I did explain the reason?

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I didn’t say it was unfriendly. not at all. just hoping you’d give a longer answer so I could in theory tackle the issue on compiling it ^^
If I woud try to compile it, what branch should I use? -ne or -ng? other one I didn’t mention?
Many thanks :slight_smile:

There is no branch for it. That’s the main point.

You will need to go with branch 9.2:

Then update kodi package, but it will not compile…

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Thanks for the clarification. :slight_smile: Have a great wek.

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